~ Hygge Baby Massage ~

Hygge inspired baby massage in Exeter

Come and be part of a cosy and nurturing bubble of love where you learn baby massage along with the wonderful principles of Hygge.

Hygge (pronounced hoo-guh) is a Danish word and roughly translates to ‘cosiness and togetherness’. It’s an approach to everyday life that encourages positive well-being and finding joy in the small things. 

When you have a little one to look after, it can be a struggle to get a minute to breathe and fill up your own cup. These classes are here for you to feel nurtured and supported whilst you learn a beautiful baby massage routine for you and your little one.

Life is so unpredictable with a young baby – they may cry, want to feed the whole time or sleep!

Mama I’ve got you… tools and techniques can be learned and practiced at home – you will still find benefit in just spending time in the company of others on a similar journey to you and taking some well-deserved time to ‘just be’. 

Mindfulness tools and relaxation techniques are shared throughout the class which you get to take away for the tough moments at home!

Benefits of Baby Massage

A few details

This group is suitable from 6 weeks up to babies on the move! 

Prices are £49 which includes a Hygge goodie bag, organic fractionated coconut oil to use throughout the course and a comprehensive booklet.

What to bring?

Towel, blanket, Changing bag and whatever you need to feed your baby as they can get a little peckish after massage

Friendly, non-judgemental & supportive class even if your little one sleeps, cries or feeds the whole time, everything is welcome & you will still be able to take away all the good stuff to try at home!

Get in touch to find out more.

Kind Words

“Thank you so much for running such a wonderful
baby massage course

Clear instructions and instilled confidence
in me as a parent.”

“My baby had loads of problems sleeping and had loads of winds, and thought it would help him while helping us to bond and have some special time together. I was totally right, as his sleeping and winds have improved a lot, and the bonding between the two of us it’s amazing. I can´t imagine anybody else helping us as much as Laura did :)”