~ Parent Support ~

A holistic approach

Parenting support is completely tailored to the individual parent & family, your unique situation and circumstances. Using a range of approaches and tools you can be reassured that you will receive the highest quality of support, care and guidance based on over 15 years of experience and training. 

I  offer intuitive wisdom that has come from my own struggle and growth through personal experience. One of the most healing things we can experience is to be seen, heard and understood. For us and our children.

My approach is warm, supportive, non-judgemental and positive focused (there is so much good happening too, I promise you!) 

I am here to cheerlead you on, through the ups and downs – you’ve got this.  

Parent one-one support -in person Exeter & surronding areas or online

Are you at the start of your parenting journey and would love to learn all things play, attachment, hygge, child development and offer yourself and your little one, the best possible start? 

Would you like to support your child to develop resilient emotional health and self-esteem?

Navigating additional challenges of parenting as a single parent, processing grief or trauma and wanting to show up for your child/children in ways that support well-being and healing within your family?

Feeling triggered, burnt out, exhausted and desperate to find other ways of handling challenging situations with your child? 

Would like to learn ways to be playful with your child and create more balance & flow in your family life?

Would like to understand your child through a sensory perspective and support ways to calm and alert their nervous system through day to day activities  

‘The greatest gift the parent can give to a child is his or her own happiness.’

Thich Nhat Hanh – Zen Buddest Monk

Ways I can help

What are the next steps?

If you would like to know more and discuss your situation, you are so welcome to book in for a free 30 min exploration call.


It is possible to experience more joy, connection, calm and authenticity in your parenting without losing yourself in the process