~ Sensory attunement Approach ~

Sensory attunement

is an integrative holistic approach which supports children, young people and key adults in their lives to create balance and harmony through simple sensory practices.

This approach aims to:

  • Better understand triggers through a sensory and attachment lens
  • To regulate the nervous system and create mind and body integration
  • Nurture positive connections with others 


Sensory attunement comes from a melting pot of training and knowledge of different approaches including sensory integration, attachment theory, aromatherapy, nature therapy, sensory attachment intervention, polyvagal theory and mindfulness. 

And equally it stems from lived experience of navigating high stress and trauma within my own family. Finding the tools that have worked to create deep healing, well-being and a resiliant and authentic connection between myself and my children has inspired me to help others who are also navigating stormy waters – you are not alone!

Co-regulation & Self-regulation

Human are wired for social relationships and connection. This is essential on so many levels, from survival and learning what is safe vs dangerous, to how we learn to explore the world, develop new skills and experiencing shared joy with each other. This process starts in the womb and is why we are able to recognise our parents’ voices before we are born!

Throughout our early years we learn how to make sense of ourselves, what our needs are and different emotional states through the held experience of a safe trusted person.

This is called co-regulation.

From having repeated experiences of  co-regulation in childhood we develop the skill of self-regulation. This is how we become masters of managing of own emotions and behaviours!

Although this is super important for all areas of life,  we are social beings and need to be able to co-regulate with each other throughout our lives. For example, having an offload to a friend or hug from a partner at the end of the day are all acts of co-regulation.

Our ability to co- and then self-regulate is intrinsically linked with our sensory processing which is where Sensory attunement comes in…

How does it work?

Sensory attunement works with each child and their main caregivers (this includes parents, carers and other key workers) to assess sensory and relational needs and offer tailored recommendations for repetitive, simple and accessible opportunities to self- and co-regulate throughout the day

This might be through play, self-care activities, food, connecting with nature, using essential oils and moving the body through specific exercises, yoga or dance. By consistent, regular and repetitive action, we are able to create new pathways in the brain, interrupt stress responses and shift from activated nervous system states (e.g. fight, flight, freeze or collapse) to more resilience, adaptability, shared joy and happiness!

Please get in touch for more info – happy to take referrals from parents/carers, schools or local authority